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September 2, 2009

Maroon Weekend

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Nothing like 2 fun races to wash away the sting of that bitter bonking at Camsur 🙂  Last weekend, I joined the sprint triathlon races held at UP Los Banos on Saturday and UP Diliman on Sunday.  What can I say?  I am Levy Ang and I am a triathlon addict.

Costume Tri

I’ve always thought what it would be like to race in my Spidey outfit.  Thanks to the Trantados team, I just found the perfect race to don my superhero costume.  This was a beginner’s race: 400m swim, 15K bike and 3K run.  Indeed, there were quite a number of participants tri-ing for the first time.  As for the supposed veterans like me, I’d like to think I’m also a beginner in a lot of ways.  I still get butterflies in my stomach at the beginning of each race; I still can’t get my nutrition down pat; I mash way too hard on the bike and run like a lug off of it.  But what I hope to have with me always is that beginner’s spirit of approaching each race/training day with a sense of wonder and excitement 🙂  And I believe last Saturday’s race at Los Banos helped me rediscover some of that fun 🙂

Was already in my spidey outfit even before the start of the swim as I got curious stares from my fellow participants 🙂  And as I learned later on, most of the other ‘veterans’ put on their costumes before they got on the bikes.  There was Ian Castilla as Batman, Omar as Darna.  Joker was also there together with Mr. Incredible.  It was hilarious 🙂  It wasn’t too difficult to swim in my Spiderman outfit.  Of course, I wasn’t wearing the mask then.  You know, I just might use Spidey as an alternative trisuit in some of my future races 🙂

Like Camsur, I especially liked the bike leg at Los Banos.  Lots of children were lined up at certain portions of the route.  However, instead of “Go, go Ironman” all I heard was “Go, Go, Spiderman”….Go figure 🙂  Ran the final 3K in 14:04 and was quite ecstatic about that.  Now, if only I can maintain such a pace in the longer races….

Pretty soon, the race was all over and I clocked at 53:53 by my watch.  Good times and good vibes all around.  Too bad, I was unable to join the other participants as they jogged around the oval in their costumes.  My calves cramped up after the race and it was just too sore to move.  Thanks to Ian and the Trantados team for such a fun, fun race.  See you guys again in October for the NAGT.

UP Law Invitational Triathlon

This race was a last minute decision when I learned that Junie, Kap and Potch were also joining.  But then, this is the first time a triathlon race was going to held at the Diliman campus and also the first time that I’ll do an official sprint distance triathlon (750m swim – 20K bike – 5K run).  Add the fact that I graduated from that other school in Katipunan, I was psyched 🙂

There were about 50 participants in this race.  Like Los Banos, lots of first timers also in this one.  I was particularly glad to see my former teacher, Bobby Guev, as one of the participants 🙂  Participants were divided into 4 waves.  Race finally began around 9am.

Maybe it’s because this was my third race in eight days, but I felt swimming in a crowd doesn’t bother me as much anymore 🙂  Yeah, I still get kicked in the face and my legs get pulled but I don’t mind.  2 and half years into triathlon, it’s only now that I can safely say that I feel comfortable swimming in a pack 🙂  So, if there are any newbies out there – remember this adage “patience is a virtue” 🙂

Got out of the swim in 15 minutes and change and commenced a looooonnnng run towards T1.

Bike route consisted of 8 loops around the oval.  One thing I hate about multiple loops is that I’m bound to lose count somewhere along the way.  This race was no different.  Sure enough, 20 minutes into the ride, I could no longer tell if I was on my third or fourth loop.  Good thing I have a speedometer on the bike and I just decided that once I hit 20kms, I’m going into T2.  There were lots of humps along the route and the road reserved for the race was a bit too tight for comfort.  I’m just glad there were no accidents during the race.  It was great to have Coach Jomak shout out advices to me during the race (i.e. keep it light, spin at 90 rpm). Yup, mashing during races will be a thing of the past from now on 🙂  It was almost 21kms when I got into T2.

I felt good as soon as I got out of T2.  Probably because it was my first time to race at UP 🙂  Just concentrated on maintaining good form and making larger strides.  Around the oblation area, I got passed by 2 or 3 army men.  The last army man was within sight up until the last kilometer and I tried to catch him and see if I could engage him in a sprint finish.  When I saw the red arrow pointing left from afar, I made a go for it.  I already caught him at the turn but then the thing is, instead of the finish line, what greeted me was another road leading towards the oval.  OOooops! Wrong mistake 🙂  Huffing and puffing, I let him go and eased my way to the finish.  Ran 5K in 25:12 by my watch (25:24 official).  Total time: 1:25:07.

Congratulations are in order for Kap and Junie for finishing first in their respective divisions 🙂  Their names are going to be etched in the Dean’s Cup as the first ever winners!!!  How cool is that?  Was glad to have finally met Rico Villanueva in person (Sheerwill).  Also glad to see the ultramarathoners (Neville, Hector and Jeremy) do a triathlon 🙂    Thank you very much to Eric Pasion (Passion Runner) for organizing a successful Dean’s Cup Invitational Triathlon and Fun Run.  I just hope the day will come when Ateneo will host its own triathlon race 🙂




  1. Hey Levy, nice meeting you last Sunday. I thought you only did the UP Law Tri after Camsur. Pati pala Los Baños pinatulan mo. Adik ka nga 🙂

    That LB race must have been fun. Had been planning to join that since last year but I just missed the sked this year. Next year hopefully!

    Hey congrats again for being in the top ten in the UP Law Tri, even the top five actually. Nice recap too – light and bubbly parang Cali! Haha!

    See you in future races!

    Comment by ricov — September 2, 2009 @ 8:17 am | Reply

  2. Idol 🙂

    Comment by Javy — September 3, 2009 @ 8:19 am | Reply

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