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April 19, 2009

21 is the new 10K

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Ironman 70.3 Camsur is still a good four months away.  But being a newcomer in the triathlon scene, I’ve got to put in the mileage.  It is quite fortunate though that this year I’ve got to join 3 half-marathons just to see where things are for me running-wise.  Early this year, there was the half at Subic, then the much-anticipated Condura Run and then today the half-marathon at Greenfield, Sta.Rosa.  

It was still dark when the race started at 5 am.  Not as congested as Condura but pretty good turnout nonetheless considering the distance from the usual venues for races of this nature.  

Ran the first kilometer on a well-lit road till it became pitch dark at the beginning of the 2nd kilometer.  While there were torches that were put up alongside the road, it didn’t provide much illumination.  I just tried to follow the runner ahead of me just in case there were potholes along the road.  Good thing there was none.  The torches provided a good touch though – felt like I was in a retreat and it did put me in a contemplative mood.  Particularly, I was reflecting why I put my body through so much punishment when I could be home asleep on a beautiful Sunday morning 🙂  

The course wasn’t really flat.  Up until the first turnaround, there were stretches where it was a slight downhill.  This continued until the 2nd turnaround 13.5 kilometers thereabouts.  You know what they say, what goes down, comes back up.  Thus, coming back to the finish was a bit of a struggle.  

Baldrunner (Sir Jovie) passed me around the 8-9 kilometer mark.  I knew that if I kept up with him, I’ll get a good time.  But 50some yearold ultra marathoner ALWAYS trumps a 38 year old lazy bum 🙂  Also got to see Xhi and Milan (Team PMI) doing the 10K when the runners merged at some point during the latter part of the race.  I thought it was sweet that Milan chose to pace Xhi this morning when he could have kicked ass had he ran his usual 10K effort.  Also saw Prometheus Cometh (Jay) after the 2nd turnaround.  He must have been late for the race.  Either that or he was just having his usual LSD runs.  Am forever grateful to Jay for pacing me at the Condura Run to a personal best 🙂  But I really miss Foreign Runner (Philip).  

Lots of water stations in this course.  And I thought the course could also be great for duathlon as well.  Could be good preparation for Camsur (i.e. heat training)  since shaded part only covered about 2 kilometers near the end of the race.

Finished 1:52:13 (unofficial).  Always a welcome sight to see Bullrunner (Jaymie) and JunC at the finish.  Had to rush home though to make it to Sunday Mass.  

Kudos to Coach Rio once again for another memorable race.  

P.S.  Truth be told, I’m already retiring from the blogging world.  No worries though.  I’ll be seeing you where it counts and where it matters – on the road and at the races (running/triathlon) in and around the metro.  Till then, enjoy happy hour….drinks are on me.  

– Levy Ang (Happy Hour)


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