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November 28, 2008

Save the Date

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Like they said in the movie, “Field of Dreams”, if you build it, they will come.  You will recall that in a previous post, Ironman Manila Bay, I was wishing that they’d bring the Ironman Series to our country.  Well, Christmas came early this year because it’s just been confirmed, Ironman 70.3 will be held in CamSur on 23 August 2009!!!!! I’ve been an Alaska Aces fan since the 1990’s and this news makes me love Fred Uytengsu all the more.  Thank you very much Mr. Uytengsu for making this happen!!!

So, all you triathletes out there, off-season just ended.  Train na!!!



November 23, 2008

UNICEF – Walking By The Storm Troopers’ Side

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The triathlon at Anvaya Cove took a backseat this morning as the family went to the UNICEF Run at McKinley Hills.  Although it’s been a month since Halloween, we wore our costumes for the 2K Walk – We’re going to be Superheroes!! 🙂 Matthew was Superman, David was Green Lantern, Josh was Flash, Gracie was supposed to be Wonder Woman but became Spider Tot at the last minute 🙂 while Mommy was Batgirl.  As for me, I’ll always be Spiderman 🙂  I’ve been wearing the same costume for the past 3-4 years every Halloween,  so the UNICEF Run wasn’t going to be any different.

Got to the site around 6:30am.  Spotted my good friend Philip with his family in costumes as well 🙂  Little Philip was Superman while Anj was a cute little fairy 🙂  Also saw Dindo (DATC) and Doray (Doralicious) who took our pictures 🙂  When we arrived, the 5K runners were already sprinting towards the finish at a sub-20 min pace, while the leaders for the 10K were finishing at 34-35 minutes.  Awesome 🙂  

While waiting for the 2K Walk to start, the children played at the inflatables.  I thought it was great that for this race – Kids Rule 🙂  When the 2K Walk was about to start, the day’s highlight came in the form of Jedis and Storm Troopers from the Star Wars saga 🙂  Too bad, being the techno ignoramus that I am, I don’t know how to put photos in blogs but I’m sure you’ll see the pictures in the other blogs.  Their costumes were real authentic complete with light sabers and the Storm Trooper’s actual voice as you hear it in the movies.  Galing talaga  🙂  As you might have guessed, they were a hit with the crowd as they gamely posed for numerous photo-ops.  My children were no exception as their eyes were glued to their heroes from outer space 🙂  As the walk started, my children marched in tandem with the Storm Troopers.  Hence, the title of this post 🙂  

I was glad also that for a change, I was able to keep pace with Mr. Philip for a good while during the race 🙂 I guess my training is doing wonders 🙂  But being the competitive animal that he is, his family soon left the Angs in the dust 🙂  Saw Jay and Doc Joe doing their training runs as we made our way to the turnaround.  Photo-ops here and photo-ops there and then soon, we’re at the finish line.  Finally, for the last race of the year, I finally did a sub-50 with lots of minutes to spare 🙂  

It soon began to drizzle a bit and I felt bad because I promised the kids earlier that they can resume playing at the inflatables.  Oh well, I guess it turned out to be a blessing because upon Coach Rio’s prompting, Gracie and I went to the stage and won Best in Costume as Father and Daughter Spiderman 🙂   

I thought Coach Rio did a great job inserting a 2K Walk at the end of the 5K/10K races.  It provided a chance for the family to bond at the races 🙂  Competitive parents can outdo each other in the 5 or 10K then afterwards, the family can have a leisurely walk and exchange pleasantries with other running families 🙂  So, congratulations Coach Rio for this novel idea and I sure hope it won’t be the last.  Congratulations to all the winners as well.  Yup, it was fun-filled morning at the UNICEF Race – Walking by the Storm Troopers’ side.  


November 19, 2008

NB Kids’ Race Recap/ NB Power Failure Recap

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Kids’ Race:

  • Got to the venue around 3:30 pm and was happy to see quite a few runners, young and old alike, gearing up for the 5K and kiddie races that day.
  • All my four children were entered, ages ranging from 2 to 7 years old 🙂
  • While I was real excited for my children’s first official race, I was also trying to temper their expectations.  Well, you know how kids are in games, etc.  It’s either win or lose for them, there is no middle ground.  So, I was reminding them all the usual B.S. about “it’s all about having fun”  and “finishing a race is what’s important and that in itself makes them winners” 🙂  
  • As we approached the chute, I was surprised that the NB representatives were quite strict in enforcing the rule that only race participants were allowed inside.  While my 3 older children can probably manage on their own, my youngest daughter would surely get trampled along the way 😦
  • My wife and I decided then to just let our 3 older children to start the race while their sister meet up with them around the bend.  
  • Matthew, David and Joshua were pretty excited and just like Foreign Runner, lined up at the head of the pack!!
  • I told them to line up at the back instead so they won’t get hurt.  
  • I was waiting around the bend when the gun went off.  And off they ran!!! 
  • My third child, Joshua, was leading while David and Matthew were following closely behind.  I found it real cute that they had their game faces on 🙂  Serious talaga mga to ah.  
  • I was trying to capture the whole event on video, so I was busy scampering from one child to the other.  Boy, and I thought doing triathlons was hard :-O
  • I didn’t get to see Gracie leave the chute.  And as it turned out, she ran quite a bit and smiled for the spectators at the start before Mommy had to carry her as they caught up with the other siblings 🙂 You can see her picture at Bards’ blog (bananarunnng.wordpress.com)  Thank you Bards for including my daughter in your recap 🙂
  • Of the 3 boys, it was Matthew who had a hard time running.  So, Josh and David would stop every now and then and wait for Matt.
  • There was a water station at the halfway point and we posed for some pictures 🙂 
  • Towards the finish, it was David who finished first, followed by Joshua.  And then about 5 minutes later, Matthew and Gracie finished as well 🙂  
  • It was quite a workout for all of us including my wife and our yayas who accompanied the kids all the way 🙂  
  • It was unfortunate though that while David and Josh were able to get loot bags, Matt and Gracie were left empty-handed because apparently the organizers ran out of supplies 😦  Matt was a bit upset but got over it when I told him we’re gonna swim afterwards 🙂  I guess Extribe still accepted onsite registration for the kids’ race so that must have explained why they ran out of loot bags.  Oh well.
  • It was still a fun race and I’m glad our family survived the New Balance Kids’ Race 🙂 

Power Failure Recap:

  • The failure was mine and mine alone as I didn’t meet my pre-race target of a 5:30 pace.  As you must have read in the other blogs, Extribe did a good job with the New Balance Power Race 🙂  I expected nothing less from Extribe who are the same people behind Whiterock Triathlon.
  • I should not have checked the route the night before.  The route psyched me out, hahaha.  I was defeated even before I ran the race.   
  • I returned the Garmin 405 to Philip after the race.  Just thought I’d let you in on my lap times for the 25K:

                    KM 1 – 5:47                       KM 14 – 5:17 (downhill kasi)

                    KM 2 – 5:25                       KM 15 – 5:34

                    KM 3 – 6:01                       KM 16 – 5:42

                    KM 4 – 5:40                       KM 17 – 6:04

                    KM 5 – 5:31                       KM 18 – 6:15  (the start of the 4 km trek up towards the ruins)

                    KM 6 – 5:46                       KM 19 – 6:31 (suffer! suffer! suffer!)

                    KM 7 – 5:48                       KM 20 – 6:26 (shuffling, no longer running at this point)

                    KM 8 – 5:45                       KM 21 – 6:29 (will it ever end?)

                    KM 9 – 5:49                       KM 22 – 5:58 (finally!)

                    KM 10 – 6:03                     KM 23 – 5:48 (almost there)

                    KM 11 – 5:54                     KM 24 – 6:09 (malapit na talaga, last hill)

                    KM 12 – 6:00                     KM 25 – 5:29 (told you I’d do a 5:30 split 🙂 )

                    KM 13 – 5:35

  • Unofficial results are out showing that I finished with a time of 2:27:43 🙂
  • Yup, the robot is only human after all 🙂


November 16, 2008

5:30 ba yan??!!!

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The title of this post was inspired by some good-natured (at least I thought it was good-natured) ribbing I got from fellow bloggers who must have read my earlier post about doing a 5:30 pace at today’s New Balance Powerrace.  Just so you’d know, that display of bravado was before Philip and I, together with Johnny, surveyed the 25K route last night.  Would have wanted to recant my post last night, but what the heck, this morning I gave it the good ‘ol college try.  To cut a long story short, I finished with an unofficial time of 2:27:07 by my watch, 2:26:45 by the Garmin.   Yup, 5:52 min/km  pace. 🙂

So, c’mon guys, lemme have it, I deserve it.  Yabang kasi eh 🙂  Recap of my kids’ race and a more extensive recap of the 25K to follow 🙂  


November 12, 2008

Bike Boutique Opening

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Calling all triathletes, you might be interested in this one.  A perfect prelude to New Balance Powerrace:

TBB Grand Opening Program Details:

Saturday 15th November:

9:30am -11:30am TBB Grand Opening Ride

This very unique TBB ride is open to everybody (independent of their riding level), who wishes to have a nice 50km road ride in and around Subic.
Join our teamtbb pro’s, our VIP guests and members of the Philippines triathlon team for a relaxed and fun ride together.

11:30am – 12:30pm Recovery at the Grand Season Pool Deck

Recovery at the Grand Season pool deck with some drinks on TBB.

12:30 – 14:00 Light lunch + drinks

Light lunch and drinks served in the Grand Season restaurant.

14:00 – 15:30 Free time and opportunity to browse in TBB store

15:30 – 17:30 The Brett Sutton tri-clinic (not to be missed opportunity!!) 
A FREE Brett Sutton coaching and tri clinic session with topics such as:

How to become a better athlete in less time?
The development of teamtbb.
Update on our 2009 teamtbb squad.
The relationship between teamtbb, TBB and our social projects.

17:30 – 18:30 teamtbb life forum session

Question and Answer on any topic triathlon, biking, pro athletes with teamtbb athletes, Brett Sutton, Alex Bok and Melvin Fausto.

19:00 – 22:00 TBB Grand Opening Buffet Dinner

A FREE TBB Buffet at the Grand Season swimming pool area.
Life music on site for a party in Filipino Style

Run like a Robot

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The Garmin is such a fascinating toy that I’m willing to be its guinea pig for the race this Sunday.  With Garmin’s help, I’d like to check my fitness level and see if I can do a steady 5:30 min/km pace throughout the 25K distance 🙂  Uphill/Downhill, steady 5:30.  Wish me luck.

November 11, 2008

VSO Bahaginan Recap

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  • Looked and felt like a runners’ feast/fiesta in last Sunday’s race.  Seemed like the bloggers were everywhere raring to go 🙂
  • Saw Philip who told me he’s going to take it easy and slow for this race in preparation for the big one at New Balance Clark.  I asked him, “How slow is slow?”  He said, “About a 5min/km pace”.  As it turned out, Philip ran a very slow 1:09:33 for 15K course, or a 4:38 km/min pace 🙂  What a lazy bum 🙂  
  • Finally met Wayne (SFRunner) and wished him well for the day’s race.  Lots of bloggers had photo-ops with Wayne 🙂
  • Thought I saw Bald Runner so I ran up to say Hi, only to find out that he was about 30 years younger than the legend himself 🙂  
  • This race had a lot of firsts for me:  Philip lent me his Garmin 405, so it was my first time to wear the device and see what the hoopla was about.  And it was also my first time to run with a group.  
  • I took up Jaymie’s (Bull Runner) invite to run with her group.  The group included JunC, Dindo (DATC), Councilor Doray and Jay (Prometheus Cometh).  Annie Agoncillo was supposed to start with us as well.  But I guess she’s just like Philip and lined up at the front of the pack 🙂  Finally met Taki as well who ran with Joe (Loonyrunner) and Wayne.  As usual, Joe had his trusty backpack with him when he ran – the secret to his success 🙂    
  • I’m glad I decided to run with a group 🙂  It was real fun swapping stories and experiences with each other 🙂  For the first part of the run, I ran with JunC and Jaymie.  At the turnaround before going inside Heritage Park, I ran with Jay.  
  • Had a good conversation with Jay going – that is, until we reached the dreaded McKinley Hills.  I was all quiet at this point in the race while Jay was still yakking to his heart’s delight 🙂  
  • Was surprised to see Wayne walking at this stage because I know him to be a fast runner.  The jet lag and the humidity must have taken its toll and it was a good thing we saw Doc Joe on his way back so that Wayne will be in good hands.  
  • I guess I was too quiet, enough for Jay to ask, “Are you OK?”  I told him to go on and regale me with his stories as I was huffing and puffing my way up the hills 🙂
  • Lots of greetings like “Go Kuya Jay”, “Galing! Kuya Jay”, “Konti na lang, Kuya Jay”.  What can I say? It’s great to run with a celebrity 🙂  
  • Struck a few weird poses for the Photovendo photographers 🙂  Will do anything to get ourselves published 🙂  
  • Lots of higad on our way back to the Finish.  Good thing there was Mark Parco to warn us to stay in the middle of the lane.  
  • Finished with a time of 1:30:41 by the Garmin, distance of 15.07kms.
  • I should say that my trusty Timex looked Jurassic when compared to the Garmin.  That thing is so darn accurate.  It sends out a beep after every kilometer showing your pace for that particular stretch.  And it beeped right at about the same time that Jay’s did.  But unless Garmin can make a waterproof watch, I’m sticking with my little ol’ Timex here 🙂
  • Congratulations are in order for President Rio for another well-organized race 🙂  Looking forward to the UNICEF run, Coach!  
  • Jaymie, et. al. still did a 5K run after the race.  While Gerard, Potch of Team PMI and I went to the AFP grounds to watch our Kapitan, Rayzon Galdonez, in his triathlon race.  Rayzon finished 3rd overall, next to George Vilog and Ryan Mendoza 🙂  Congrats Kap!!!
  • It was a big weekend for Team PMI:  Monica Torres placed 3rd overall in the Powerman Duathlon in Malaysia 🙂  Way to go, Moni!!! Mama Rizz Santos meanwhile is in the midst of completing her MS 150 miles Bike Marathon in Las Vegas 🙂  The Manglicmot kids, Bambam and Umbay, also swam in Hong Kong 🙂  Naks, pang-international na ah 🙂   
  • Yes, it was a most enjoyable run for me at VSO 🙂  Don’t think I’ll be giving up group runs anytime soon 🙂  Thanks to all of you for making Happy Hour……mmmm…..happy 🙂  See you all at Clark!


November 5, 2008


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America, you did it right this time.  Yes, We Can.  

Philippines? What say you.

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